Wellness - Olea at Viera

Youth is often understood as the period of time between childhood and adult age. At Olea by RangeWater we organized four branches of wellness that synthesizes the concept of what it means to extend “youth-span” through 4 empowered freedoms.

The freedom to Love through community service, to Live more by sound body & mind, to Learn more about the human spirit through continued education, and to Indulge in knowing that community is where we all connect and nourish the unquenchable thirst to stay young at heart. Each month these four key areas of wellness are lead by our Lifestyle Director. This is the olive branch we offer our residents.

Love (Emotional)
Community Service and Passion Projects

An instinctive state of service deriving from one’s intentional emotion to engage.

  • Beach cleanup following Yoga
  • Community Cleanup
  • Food Bank Donation Events
  • Breast Cancer Donation Event
  • Volunteer Events
Live (Physical)
Fitness & Health

Embodiment of being sound in mind and body.

  • Hike Club
  • Running Club
  • Bootcamp with Torch Fitness
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes
Learn (Spiritual)
Educational Classes & Activities

Acquiring insight of the human spirit through a continued education.

  • Mindful Monday Book Club
  • Breathing Workshop w/ Torch
  • Chef Demonstrations
  • Virtual Trivia
  • Crafting Demonstrations
  • Community Gardening
Indulge (Community)
Shared Food & Drink

An opportunity to enjoy connection, nourishment, and recharge together.

  • Power Continental Breakfast
  • Wine Down Wednesdays
  • Outdoor Movie Night
  • Happy Hours w/ Perk Partners
  • Create Your Own Pizza Night
  • BBQ by the Pool
  • Happy Hour – For Furry Residents

Whether you’re interested in local festivals, water sports, destination recreation, social clubs, food excursions, art experiences, or simple family fun, our on-site Lifestyle Director will keep you in the know about the best experiences Viera has to offer.

Community Events